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China and Nepal together are planning this big conspiracy against India New Delhi: Tensions between India and China have increased considerably in Ladakh. But now the news is coming that in addition to Ladakh, the Chinese Army has also kept an eye on Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. According to sources, some construction on the border adjacent to Uttarakhand has been seen towards China. Sources said that this construction is in the shape of some hut. This construction has been seen close to the Lipu Pass in Nepal. It is believed that China is engaged in new construction on the border in the border area. According to the information, the area in which this new construction of China has been seen is Joompo village of Champa Maidan, which is adjacent to Nepal. also, re ad this topic:- India-vs-china-military-strength-2020 It is believed that Nepal is supporting him under pressure from China, due to which there can be a dispute between India and Nepal on the border. The village of Chin


Google said, our employees will work from home till June next in the year. Google has said that its employees will work from home till June next year. Earlier, the company had said: that its employees would start returning to the office by the end of this year. But now the company head Sundar Pichai has said in an email that such staff who do not have to come to the office; they can work from home till the middle of next year. also re ad this topic:- Google employees work from home Google has 2,000 employees worldwide. Google said in May that it would start reopening its office at different places by June. But he said; the employees of the company are work from home by the end of this year.


China's Mars Mission: What has a speciality in Tianwen-1 launched? China has launched its first rocket on Mars during the Coronavirus epidemic. The six-wheeled robot, surrounded by a protective cover, was released from Earth by a 'Long March-5' rocket from Wenchang space station in China. It hoped that it reaches the orbit of Mars by February. This mission is called 'Tianwen-1' or 'Question to Heaven' (question from heaven). This rover will not try to land on the surface for the next two-three months. This strategy of weight and sea have successfully implemented by the US in 1970. It will help Chinese engineers to know what the conditions are on Mars before landing the rover. It will prevent accidents or failures in any way. How is Chinese Yan Tianwen-1? Tianwen-1 has targeted to land near the 'Utopia Impact Basin, just north of Mars' Equator. This rover will study the environment here. The design of Tianwen-1 is simi


What will be the role of weapons used in space in the war The United States and Britain have accused Russia of testing a weapon-like projectile in space. The US State Department has described it as 'in orbit anti-satellite weapon', which is worrisome. Earlier, Russia's Ministry of Defense had said that Russia is using new technology to test equipment in space. Now Russia has accused the US and Britain of 'twisting' the truth and saying that it is not a weapon. also re ad this topic:- satellite wars cold war Only four countries in the world - Russia, USA, China, and India - have demonstrated anti-satellite missile technology capability so far. America has already raised questions about Russia's satellite movements in space. However, this is the first time Britain has made such allegations. Christopher Ford, Assistant Secretary of International Secur


Know the Health Benefits of Forever Berry Nectar Forever aloe berry nectar is a great product in which along with pure aloe vera you get vitamin C in the abundance of cranberries and apples which are of excellent quality. Aloe vera may taste basic, but the apples and cranberry juices in this product give it a great taste that gives it a delicious drink as well as all the benefits of aloe and cranberries and apples that you expect from it,  so let's take a little more information about this product and its benefits. aloe vera gives you the best benefits of the skin and immune system and increases the rate of absorption of nutritional elements from food during your digestion. The 90.7% pure inner inner inner leaf aloe vera gel gives you all the benefits you get plus the health benefits available are Ingredients used to make forever aloe berry nectar:- Stabilized Aloe vera gel (Aloe vera gel (90,7%), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), acidity regu


India-banned-59-chinese-apps China Unmoved On App Ban, India Say Decision Made DUE to Security. India China Border Tension: China has raised the issue of banning 59 Chinese apps (Chinese Apps Ban in India) before India in the recent diplomatic level talks. In response, India made it clear that its move has been taken' for security reasons. Let's say the Modi government had recently discontinued 59 Chinese mobile apps. The list of banned apps includes a plethora of p apps like TikTok, Uc Browser, and Shareit. also re ad this topic:- Chinese social media apps Amid continued tension on the Ladakh border, China has been registering a ban on 59 Chinese apps. During the recent diplomatic level talks between India and China, the dragon objected to it. In response, India made it clear that this action has been taken: given security reasons. India does not want data related to i


New Rule Of Bank If you remove the cache from Bank or Post Office, first know that new rules may have to be filled, in more taxes If you remove the cache from Bank or Post Office, first know that new rules may have to be filled, in more taxes There has been a change in the "rules" for withdrawing money from Bank or Post Office that you need to know. Almost every person has a savings account in the bank or post office, and if you also operate your bank account anywhere and transact continuously, some things need to be taken care of'. Recently, some changes have been made by the income tax department after, which you may have to fill more TDS when you withdraw more cash from your savings account in the post office or bank. The new rules have also come into effect from the 1st of "July" After these rules, it will also be necessary to provide much other information to the customers. People have been relieved in the date of filing of income tax but'


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