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China and Nepal together are planning this big conspiracy against India New Delhi: Tensions between India and China have increased considerably in Ladakh. But now the news is coming that in addition to Ladakh, the Chinese Army has also kept an eye on Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. According to sources, some construction on the border adjacent to Uttarakhand has been seen towards China. Sources said that this construction is in the shape of some hut. This construction has been seen close to the Lipu Pass in Nepal. It is believed that China is engaged in new construction on the border in the border area. According to the information, the area in which this new construction of China has been seen is Joompo village of Champa Maidan, which is adjacent to Nepal. also, re ad this topic:- India-vs-china-military-strength-2020 It is believed that Nepal is supporting him under pressure from China, due to which there can be a dispute between India and Nepal on the border. The village of Chin


maximum-time-for-a-website-to-rank-on-Google Today we will teach you to increase website rank, today we will tell you all the techniques through which you can easily rank your new blog in google, friends, there is a limited time in any work and time to rank a website in Google If you feel like you don't have to worry, then let's see how to rank your website in google. new website google ranking It all depends on your content. If your content is good, then your website will be ranked soon or else it will take at least 3 months and if you have taken a keyword with fewer arches, then it will be ranked in a month.  There should be at least 10 maximum blogs on your website, whose word range should be at least 1000 above. The topic and the content on which you have written will be good, then people will come to your website, always keep the content clear and keep the people in the way. Can I get my website ranked on Google in 30 days? Yes, I can get it done, but


IPL 2020: How will matches be played in UAE  Like the rest of the games, 2020 has proved to be a bad year for cricket. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, many sports events have either been cancelled or have to be taken forward. The Tokyo Olympics in July this year have been postponed for a year. Cricket has also been hit by Corona and many tournaments have either been cancelled or postponed. The high-grossing Indian Premier League (IPL) was to begin on March 29 and its date was earlier extended to April 15. However, later the BCCI postponed the IPL 2020 indefinitely. Later, on 2 August, the Governing Council of the IPL announced that the 13th edition of the IPL will start from 19 September. Its final will be played on 10 November. The tournament will take place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its matches will be played in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. However, this will happen only after getting the necessary clearance from the Government of India.  als