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China and Nepal together are planning this big conspiracy against India New Delhi: Tensions between India and China have increased considerably in Ladakh. But now the news is coming that in addition to Ladakh, the Chinese Army has also kept an eye on Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. According to sources, some construction on the border adjacent to Uttarakhand has been seen towards China. Sources said that this construction is in the shape of some hut. This construction has been seen close to the Lipu Pass in Nepal. It is believed that China is engaged in new construction on the border in the border area. According to the information, the area in which this new construction of China has been seen is Joompo village of Champa Maidan, which is adjacent to Nepal. also, re ad this topic:- India-vs-china-military-strength-2020 It is believed that Nepal is supporting him under pressure from China, due to which there can be a dispute between India and Nepal on the border. The village of Chin


China is preparing Pakistan for war with India

Amit Kumar, New Delhi: Terrorist hideout Pakistan is now buying arms from China for war with India. China is now selling Pakistan from cannon to radar and is preparing Pakistan's army for war with India.

The dragon defeated by the strong men of India in the Galvan valley is now provoking his friend Pakistan against India. China has been continuously trying to strengthen Pakistan's military for some time. Pakistan is selling logistical items to China and now China has decided to supply cannon to it. According to information from intelligence sources, Pakistan is buying 236 SH-15 howitzer cannon from China. The Pakistan Army has signed the deal with China Northern Industries Corporation.

According to intelligence sources, the Pakistan Army is procuring these guns for the deployment of weapons on the Line of Control and International Borders. While vicious China is negotiating with India to show the world, on the other hand, it is engaged in equipping India's enemy Pakistan with modern weapons.

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Long-Range Air and Missile Defense System is also providing

Recently a team of ten officers of the Pakistani Army has visited China for the factory acceptance test. During the visit, an agreement has been reached to strengthen the military alliance between China and Pakistan. According to intelligence sources, all the weapons that China has signed with Pakistan will be found this year and under pressure from China, Pakistan will deploy them on the Line of Control and International Border. In the last few days, Pakistan has bought 80 thousand rounds of steel bullets from China, which they have used through the Jaish-e-Mohammed militants in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan was always dependent on the US for weapons, but America's friendship with India cut Pakistan's leaf and now its only support is China, who is ready to give any weapon against India. Because China aims to keep India entangled with LAC on LOC as well.

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